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February: Follow Me on A Journey to Quality Children’s Shoes

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In the month of February I’m going to take you on a journey of Quality children’s shoes. As a parent of two girls, it’s difficult to find a shoe that encompasses quality, durability, design and proper fit. It seems that when you finally find a shoe that encompasses these qualities, your pocket book takes a beating!

Throughout the last 4+ years of motherhood, I have tested many, many, many shoes. I have tested shoes that set me back $10 and i have tested shoes that set me back $100! This mama thinks she may have a little expertise, but hey, I’m no expert ;)

I will introduce you to some amazing shoe companies that encompass all of the qualities i listed above and my hope is that it will help you to decipher between the array of choices out there.

Some topics of discussion will be:

Is there really a difference between drug store shoes and boutique shoes?

Will one shoe help my children’s feet develop better than the other?

Are quality shoes really worth the extra cost?

What qualities should i look for in a “first” shoe.

How to find the right fit?

I also have some great giveaways lined up…you’ll definitely want in on these giveaways… for now, here’s a few hints:
Pick a number between 10 and 13!
Seen “someone” run lately?

I’ll let you have fun with those for now… stay tuned for a great month with alot of info and make sure to grab some loot while your here.

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