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Thomas & Friends Live! On Stage: A Circus Comes To Town

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Thanks to Mom Select, we recently received 4 tickets to Thomas and Friends Live on Stage! Most of you are already aware that our 4 year old thinks Thomas is the most amazing thing to ever happen to her (other than her little sister of course ;)!

My husband was sick in bed, so we dragged my father in law along which was great, because he is for all intents and purposes, a kid himself. We were anxious to see the look on her face when she saw Thomas and all of his friends come alive in front of her, so we didn’t tell Milla where we were going.

When we arrived, she had an anxious look on her face, eager to know what was inside the giant building. As we walked in, she spotted a Thomas and Friends poster and started to jump up and down with excitement. The secret was out!

As the 90 minute show started, the music and base kicked in, making all of us wiggle with excitement (yes, even me)! The drivers were in the crowd, getting the kids jazzed up and Sir Topham Hat was on stage preparing to introduce everyone’s favorite engine. I cannot explain in words what i saw on my daughters face when Thomas arrived on stage. Every bit of wonderment and amazement, happiness and awe…i came awfully close to tearing up. She just couldn’t believe that he was in front of her. It helped that our seats were dead center and only a few rows back ;) (Thanks Mom Select, )

The story line was wonderful: When Thomas makes a mistake, everyone in the island of Sodor must work together to prevent “confusion and delay”! Sir Topham Hat said it best, “the Circus must go on”! Many engines were there to help, including, Percy, James and Gordon. Even Cranky and Harold made a few appearances.

I was really impressed with the quality of the show. The characters were excited to be there and they were really into their parts. There was plenty dancing and the characters voices were amazing! We really felt as if we were at a Broadway production. The engines were large with animatronic faces bringing their eyes, mouths and eyebrows to life right in front of us. It was truly an amazing experience for all of us. All three of us walked away saying how wonderful the show was!

You will find that Thomas and Friends Live is touring all over the U.S. in 2009. Tickets start at only $10, so find your city fast and buy tickets onlinehere. Take your kids on a magical adventure into the Island of Sodor!

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