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Current Card By Discover

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When I was a teenager I spent money like a crazy person. I had no reality of the world of money and certainly was not educated on the importance of it. Money was something that came and went and when my mom cut me off, my behavior was embarrassing to say the least… Sorry Mom!

In the state of the economy, it’s now more important than ever to teach our children about money and what it means to have it and not have it. That’s why Discover launched a new card called Current! Current by Discover is designed for children ages 13-18 and you, the parent, is in control at all times. Current By Discover allows you to set spending limits on a daily, weekly or monthly level and because it acts as a debit card, they can’t get into trouble. When the money’s gone, it’s gone! You can control your child’s spending right online and you can even block certain ATM’s or stores, so that your children follow the rules you have set.

Current by Discover allows you to see what and where your child has been spending their money and helps to build a healthy relationship with money, while teaching vital lessons. Funds can be easily added by using a credit or bank account and they offer a $0 liability guarantee. And parents, if the kids lose their precious piece of plastic, don’t worry! Just go online and let Discover know, they’ll deactivate the card and reactivate it when it’s found.. no harm done! Your kids can also receive discounts at participating merchants… what a great idea Discover!

Thank You to Mom Central for letting us know about this great program for teens!

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