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Fresh Baby Review & Giveaway

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Let me tell you a little something about me that many people don’t know. My only request is that you don’t tell my mother ;) I do not like to cook! I do not like to bake and I do not like to spend any of my waking hours in the kitchen Sam I am! But, just because I despise the kitchen so much, is not a substantial case for my children to get a less than perfect amount of nutrition! They certaintly should’nt have to face a fate of frozen fishsticks and PB&J sandwiches! Here’s my thought: If I had a hard time boiling water, how on earth could I manage to make something that was tasty enough for even a baby to eat?

Well since my first daughter was born, it was my goal to figure out this whole cooking thing and hope that my husband and kiddos did’nt gag every time they took a bite. When it comes to baby food, I bought it in the jar, 50 at a time and figured that my little eater would figure out that her fate in the food department was worse than many of her drooling friends at a later date! I tried to buy organic baby food, that was good enough right? Well perhaps, but thanks to Fresh Baby I now make my own organic baby food at a fraction of the cost and it tastes good! I know, I know, I do deserve some kind of a medal! Do you have an extra one lying around?

What is Fresh Baby?
Fresh Baby is a company dedicated to offering you a simple, healthy, inexpensive alternative to store bought baby foods. Recent research has shown that babies begin to develop a taste for certain foods even before they are born. So why not give them the best right from the start and develop that palette to accept only healthy options. To be honest with you, it’s a calming thought to know exactly what I’m putting in my babies mouth and body. With the Fresh Baby’s So Easy Baby Food Kit I can do this by using organic ingredients and make my baby food at a fraction of the cost and it only takes me 30 minutes a week!

Many of us mom’s have little time to use the facilities, let alone make our own baby food! But with Fresh Babiy’s So Easy Baby Food Kit, I manage to find 30 minutes a week to ensure the future eating habits of my every growing toddler.

The So Easy Baby Fod Kit includes:

Cookbook: covers introducing solid food, includes over 40 recipes, hundreds of serving suggestions, and is all organized by age. (Hardcover, 118 pages).

Freezer trays: designed for storing baby food in pre-portioned one ounce servings to simplify meal time and reduce waste. (2 trays and 2 lids, spill-proof, stackable, dishwasher-safe).

How-to DVD: offers step-by-step instruction – from selecting the right produce – to making baby food – to serving it.

Nutrition tips card: gives you tips on the best sources of nutrients, introducing foods by age, first aid for choking, and more. (Waterproof Finish)

You can’t go wrong with this program and Yes! it really is SO EASY! Get your ingredients, make your food and fill the freezer trays. When babies ready to eat, just remove a cube and dinner is served! And at only $37.95 we classify this as a “Deal”ectible Deal! Consider it a lifetime of healthy eating habits in a package! You can purchase Fresh Baby’s So Easy Baby Food Kit online or find a retailer near you. You may also be able to find The So Easy Baby Food Kit at Target, Wild Oats and Whole Food stores. Extra food trays and Breast Milk storage trays can also be found at Fresh Baby’s Website.

Fresh Baby is offering a So Easy Baby Food Kit to one of my lucky readers! Just visit Fresh Baby and check out the “Healthy eating for babies” tab! Come back here and tell me something you learned!

This Giveaway is now closed..Congratulations to YZgirl14!

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