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Mom Or Blogger: Is It Possible To Be Both?

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Are you a mom or are you a blogger? Can you be both? A few months ago I would have answered that question with a big, fat “NO”! Why? Because I had no clue how to manage myself. Notice the key word in that sentence: Myself! To be a mom is a big job and it comes first. I have one shot with my two girls and I refuse to screw it up. Blogging is my love but it requires as much effort as a full time job. It’s not simple or easy. It takes time and a ridiculous amount of effort. Not only are bloggers writers, but they are researchers, reviewers, business women and social networking experts. But for a blogger, it is their love. Our reward: Our followers, the connections we make and the sheer delight of writing. So is it possible to be everything you want to be and still remain a good mom?

Absolutely… but you must learn to manage yourself. What I mean is you must know how to appropriately manage your time so that it does not conflict with your home life. My kids need 3 meals a day, 2 snacks, outside playtime, inside playtime, playtime with me, reading time, learning time, bath time, dressing time, love time, cuddle time, conversation time, etc.. You get the point. So where does blogging come in? In between and typically unnoticed: at least that’s my goal!

Blogging happens when the kids are having “sisterly playtime”, watching a video or when they are sleeping and random tweeting comes in between, in sporadic 3 minute intervals. Those 3 minute intervals are typically when they are using the restroom or eating! That goes for my husband too. He feels just as left out as my girls do if mom isn’t properly managing her time! For those mom’s who are moms, bloggers and workers… God Bless You! I have my hands full here and there is no way this mama could take on anymore. But I know you are out there and I know you manage to do it. Rock on, for you are of a planet I will never be able to visit!

One way I manage my time is sporadic tweeting!
Sporadic Tweeting: Derived from my own language, meaning 1-3 minute intervals of connecting with my twittering tweets! I recently purchased a netbook, which I keep on my kitchen counter and it supplies my fellow twitter users with my sporadic tweeting. Those already following me know what I’m talking about ;) I’m there for a moment, dropping you a line, and picking up spilled juice the next, far, far away from my tweeterific friends. Personally, I have to disconnect in order to be present. Anyone grooving with me here?

I want to connect with you and I want to be a part of the mom blogger community, so I do what I can when I can. I love two worlds. But my identity rests as mom first, blogger second. I am both! The bliss: I am free to be both and I have learned to properly manage myself in order to achieve my two loves. Rest assured that as my husband and the kids are sleeping, I’m at my computer at 5 am every morning bringing you what I think you want to hear. And readers, if you want to hear something that I’m not giving you, please use the “email me” button on my sidebar and let me know what your looking for. I may not blog about it right away, but I will more than likely drop you a sporadic twitter at the least! ;)

Finally, to all of my fellow bloggers, you are true inspiration to continue to walk through life with one foot in the mommy pool and one foot in the blogging pool. Although my girls light up my mommy life, all of you light up my blogging life. So here’s a great big MWAH! to all of you!

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