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Natural Mat – Finally! A Comfortable, Organic Crib Mattresses!

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When we were searching for crib mattresses for our first daughter, I remember thinking that they seemed so uncomfortable. Every crib mattresses we tried was springy and hard and I it was amazing to me, that there were not more choices in the market. Disappointing to say the least. Surprisingly, four years can change a lot, especially in the baby industry!

Natural Mat has developed a Natural, organic crib mattress that surpasses what we would define as comfortable. Natural mat is 100% Organic and does not use any glues, bonding agents, chemicals or synthetic materials! Developed by two friends in Devon, England, Natural Mat is hypo-allergenic and made of lambswool, which offers complete protection from house dust mites. Yes, complete protection! So many babies suffer from allergies these days, including my Lil’ Pea and that peace of mind would definitely make this mama sleep better at night!

Let’s talk comfort. Natural Mat is by far the most comfortable mattresses I have tested to date! Truly unbelievable, with no springs and no hard, crinkly, noisy, plastic materials! Blah! Can you imagine crawling in bed at night and hearing your mattress talk to you with a crinkle, crinkle. Now imagine your tiny, little bit of perfection snuggling up to the crinkle monster…I’m going to go with “No Thank You” for $200 please! :)

Earth Friendly? Oh Yes! Natural Mat is 100% renewable and complies with fair trade policies. Offering eco-friendliness right down to the packaging, using 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable materials.

Let’s just cut to the chase. Natural Mat provides your little miracle with a sleeping environment that will allow for proper support and proper air flow, allowing your babies temperature to remain where it should be. Not only is Natural Mat going to provide the best sleeping environment for your baby, but hopefully your little bundle will sleep a little longer and allow you to catch up on some zzzzz’s!

Natural Mat offers three sizes of crib mattresses: Coco Mattress (most breathable), Latex Mattress (most allergy safe) and mohair mattress (most luxurious). Natural Mat Crib Mattresses start at $375 and right now you can visit goores.com and receive 10% off your Natural Mat order with coupon code: dmnm

Cheers to a good nights sleep!

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