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New From Eggo: Bake Shop Twists

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Mornings in our house are hectic! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we lived next door to a bakery? That would make life just a little easier in the mornings wouldn’t it? My kids would wake up happy every day and greet a tasty pastry, while birds perched upon the window, sang wonderful melodies as we ate our baked treats and my kids would tell me how amazing every minute their life was! It would be nice to have a fairy godmother to grant all of our magical wishes too! Ha! Back to reality!

Mornings are definitely hectic in our house and breakfast doesn’t always happen at the table. Thanks to Eggo, my kids don’t go hungry and with Eggo’s new Bake Shop Twist pastries, they are two happy little girls in the morning. Eggo’s Bake Shop Twists are a new pastry filled with apple or strawberry and sprinkled with sugar crystals. You will find Eggo’s Bake Shop Twists in the frozen section! Yes, I said frozen section and oh my goodness, are they yummy!

Coming from the frozen section, I certainly did not expect anything amazing, but I was pleasantly surprised when Kellogs and Mom Central sent us trial coupons to try them out. We bought our packages and eagerly waited until morning to try them out. The girls and I heated them up in the toaster and we were delighted with a mouthful of flavor. They combine soft, pull apart dough and real fruit centers. Milla asked for a second and I gladly accepted her request and she ate another ;)

Eggo’s Bake Shop Twists are made with real fruit and come 4 to a box. You can find Eggo’s Bake Shop Twists in the freezer section of your local grocery store and I highly recommend you try both flavors! Your little fairies will think the fairy godmother bestowed some bakery genius on them and you’ll get the praise ;) To find out more about Eggo’s Bake Shop Twists and other yummy products from Kellogs, just visit them online and make your mornings a little easier!

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