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Being PC is Overrated!

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I have always been very PC…VERY, VERY PC! I learned early how to be the neutral one and in my “adult themed” life, I just amplified my PC ways when I became a mother. I have for all intents and purposes, transformed myself into the “Ultra PC Mom”!

Someone says something I don’t like..I just nod my head and move on. Someone has a different point of view than me..I just nod my head on move on. Someone wants to point out my flaws..I just nod my head and move on. All I do is NOD, NOD, NOD. Well I’m sick and tired of nodding!

It just occurred to me (thanks to my overly honest husband) that I encompass all of the traits that people want from a person they have to deal with. I agree with everything and I NEVER voice my opinion! Because my goodness, someone may think I’m crazy if I do that right? Well Maybe..but guess what I just figured out? Being PC is OVERRATED!

You probably noticed that I have recently been voicing my opinion. It’s time that I step out of Ultra PC Mom mode and into myself. This mama is no longer the “Ultra PC Mom” that I once was. I have made a commitment to be myself, speak my mind and share who I am. If you don’t like it.. go find some other Ultra “PC MOM” to style fake with, cause this one’s fed up!

You want to know about me? I’m the one who will jump in the ocean with all of my clothes still on. I’m the one that will show up on your front door step at 4 am when you had a fight with your husband. I’m the one who will help you for any reason, at anytime, and require nothing in return. I’m also that one that can explode feverishly, if pushed to my limits. I have thoughts, I have opinions and I actually have a brain that I use to organize my thoughts. I may be overly ambitious and easily excitable but I’ll take that mom, rather than “Ultra PC MOM”.

I have an opinion about things and your going to get the chance to become good friends with my friend, Mrs. Opinion. I have a small feeling that you would much prefer to hear me speak than not. And for the record, just because I have an opinion doesn’t mean that I’m going to complain about random things all the time. I may have an opinion on what color bugs I prefer live in my house. To be quite honest with you, I don’t like black bugs, I prefer, yellow or gold or blue. Their much prettier to glance at, as I’m running away, screaming.

So today’s epiphany: Being PC is simply overrated!

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