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Cooking with All Things Trader Joe’s

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Are you a Trader Joe’s Fan? I sure am! We have one just down the street and we stop in often to find yummy treats. The array of items they have is truly amazing. They carry original, one of a kind products from around the world and if I knew what to do with all of those interesting products, I’m sure I would come up with something amazing! Problem is, I don’t. What exactly can you make with tampenade? With quinoa? Well, two women were overhearing those exact conversations going on at their local Trader Joe’s and decided that we needed a little help! Boy, were they right!

Deana Gunn and Wona Miniati love good food, they love to cook, and they love Trader Joe’s. After overhearing the “What do I do with this”? conversation one too many times, they decided to take action in the form of a wonderful new cookbook: Cooking With Everything Trader Joe’s! Many of the recipes in the cookbook are vegetarian and include everything from ethnic dishes to good old fashion, comfort food. Once you have this cookbook in hand, you’ll be cooking everything from Mole Chicken Enchiladas with Pecans & Comfy Chicken Pie to Spicy Tropical Shrimp Boats and Very Berry Mascarpone Tart. If your tight on time like many of us mom’s are, you can find a section in the back, called “Bachelor Quickies”, where you can make a gourmet meal in a matter of minutes.

What do we love about Cooking with All Things Trader Joe’s?
Well to begin, we love the recipes. We love that this cookbook allows for one stop shopping…every recipe in the book is made with ingredients that are at Trader Joe’s, so no more skipping in between stores to grab supplies! We love that Deana and Wona really covered a full range of dishes from every ethnic background. I enjoy having the option to cook an asian dish at any time without wondering what the HECK I’m doing! The book itself is a quality, hardcover book that will stand a beating in the kitchen and the directions are really easy to follow. The pages are layed out in a way that invites you to stay awhile and my favorite part: Every recipe has a full-color picture!!!! My biggest complaint with cookbooks was solved by these two creative women! I’m sure you’ll agree that if you don’t know what your cooking, it’s not very fun to cook. GIVE ME A PICTURE! They did! So here’s a big THANK YOU from this mama! You’ll also find witty, personal stories scattered throughout and lovely wine suggestions to go with the meals.

What we don’t love about Cooking with All Things Trader Joe’s….
No nutritional information. It would be nice to know ahead of time what we’re getting ourselves into. How many calories, sugar content, fat content, etc. However, we feel that the other aspects far outweigh this over site and would not only recommend Cooking with All Things Trader Joe’s, but we will be purchasing a few to give to friends and family!

Cooking with All Things Trader Joe’s retails for $29.99, however, right now at Amazon
you can pick a copy up for just $19.97! And remember, orders over $25 ship for free..so load a filler item in your cart or order two books and share some Trader Joe’s Love for Mother’s Day!

Happy Cooking!

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