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Happy Mother’s Day!

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Happy Mother’s Day to all of you fabulous Mama’s! In this post, I will not classify Mothering as being a job, but rather a role that we have been given. Being a mother is the most important role that any of us will ever have and today it’s important to stop and remember all that YOU do! Like the 465th diaper change, or the sleepless nights you have stayed awake with a newborn, sure they were going to stop breathing! How about the countless times you filled that juice cup or the nights you’ve lied awake wondering if you made the right parenting decision! Some will argue that the role of a Mother is just a role of a Mother, but I will argue differently. Without Mother’s our children would not thrive, they would not get hugs and tickles before bed at night, and they wouldn’t know the what the arm’s of unconditional love felt like.

Let’s not forget about our greatest task at hand and that is to create the next generation of leaders…we are raising the leaders of tomorrow and there’s no room for failure. Some would argue that the role of a Mother is hard, however, I think the word “hard” is outdated. I would rather state the role of a Mother as “A work of art that lacks perfection and one that needs many alterations”. Our role as Mother’s takes great effort as it is one task that lasts a lifetime, but what a wonderful task we have been given and one that we must constantly evaluate in an effort to do the right thing.

So here’s to YOU! All of the mother’s who woke up this morning with cheerios still stuck to their shirts and spit up all over their shoulders. All of you who will continue to evaluate your parenting decisions, in an effort to make our world a better place. All of you who will spend your day burping babies, filling bottles, changing diapers and playing on the floor. All of you who will spend your day doing what you do BEST and that’s being MOM!


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