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Mamapedia’s Here To Save The Day!

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Just last week we were trying to figure out how to keep Lil’ Pea from taking off her diaper every 5 minutes. My husband and I were racking our brains to find a solution to the problem. The gDiapers go on backwards and she can get those off no problem… We then discussed onesie’s over the gDiaper, which deterred her for about, oh 3 SECONDS! Thought about overalls, but trust me, she’ll get those off in a second too. There came a point in our conversation that discussed duct tape (It sounds terrible, doesn’t it?) and at that point I realized that we were ill equipped to handle this on our own…We needed MOM WISDOM! That’s where Mamapedia came in!

Mampedia offers the wisdom of fellow mom’s everywhere…a resourceful tool in times like these. Whether your toddler’s taking apart the sink, or your newborn won’t stop screaming, you can type in your mommy issue (i.e. toddler taking off diaper) right into the search bar and like magic, you have answers at your fingertips. The best part is that their coming from mom’s who have been there. The best kind of advice, in my humble opinion!

Mamapedia’s search engine showed me a few different discussions on the topic I was looking for and each topic had many answers. BTW, there were 3 answers involving duct tape (confirmation I may not be crazy after all)! Long story short, Mamapedia offered our family useful information for a big problem. I can only imagine that every mom reading this post, has a question for Mamapedia to answer. So visit Mamapedia and save it to your favorites under “sanity savers”, you do have that folder, right?

A big thanks goes to Mom Central for bestowing Mamapedia wisdom on this family!

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