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Sleepy Wrap Review

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The world of carriers! There are many, many carriers out there and it’s tough to know which way to turn. It’s important to find a carrier that’s going to fit mom and dad and that will allow baby to hang comfortably at the same time. It’s also important to find a carrier that allows babies spine to develop normally and not allow for added pressure or compression. Many parents are also looking for a carrier that they can nurse discreetly with and as a nursing mother of two girls I fully understand the importance of having a carrier that easily accessible for feedings.

Sleepy Wrap knew what parents were looking for and developed a baby carrier that fits every parents needs. The Sleepy Wrap is a sturdy cotton knit called French Terry. It is 95% cotton with 5% spandex and is essentially a long piece of fabric (20 inches wide and 5.5 yards long) that you wrap around mom or dad and then slip baby in and your on your way. The Sleepy Wrap not only allows for easy carrying but encompasses some of my favorite aspects in a carrier. Just check out what the Sleepy Wrap offers

- Holds children up to 45 lbs and Twins!!
- Allows for truly discreet nursing
- Material allows for a one time tie (meaning no adjustments need to be made after you place baby inside
- Sleepy Wrap comes in many different colors
- Sleepy Wrap allows for proper spine development
- Comfortable for mom and dad
- Proper support for head and neck
- Fits ALL body types
- Comfortable
- Multiple carrying positions

We had the chance to check out the Sleepy Wrap and the first point I want to make, is that this carrier is Very comfortable! It’s easy to tie on and the material of the Sleepy Wrap allows you to place the carrier on once and only once and baby is guaranteed to fit. I was surprised that the instructions said that you want to tie the wrap around you until it looks like their is no way that baby can fit. Well they were right, we followed the instructions and Lil’ pea fit right in and there was no need for adjustments. Trust me when I say that when your on the go, the last thing you want to do is stop to readjust your carrier constantly. You want a carrier that you can throw on and go about your business and Sleepy Wrap definitely took that into consideration when developing their wrap. Because the Sleepy Wrap distributes babies weight evenly, the carrier does not pull on any one area of your body (i.e. shoulders, lower back), eliminating tired, sore muscles as well.

Sleepy Wrap comes in 15 different colors, including 2 organic options. Ringing in at just $39.95 (59.95 for organic), this is a carrier that even budget minded moms can justify. You can purchase Sleepy Wrap at sleepywrap.com (Deal-ectible Mommies Readers use code : delectable to save 10%) or Find a retailer near you and grab one today.

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