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Small Talk Six: May I Be Frank?

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This week’s Small Talk Six conversation topic (Going on at Momdot) is ” 6 pieces of advice that you think are obvious, but some people just need to hear”! Want to take part? Head on over to Mom Dot and get the skinny.

Here’s my take on it:

1. When you go to someones house to watch their kids, don’t organize drawers, do the laundry or clean the bathrooms…Just watch the kids!

2. Don’t stand over your child while their abusing others property and repeatedly ask them to stop….Do something about it!

3. Don’t rake the leaves on other peoples lawns because you think they are messy..some people appreciate the beauty of the leaves…their not your leaves, they belong to someone else…so get your own and back off!

4. When you call somebody who has small children, don’t expect a quiet conversation and if you don’t like it, don’t call anymore!

5. Don’t show up to a party with your horrible emotions on your shirt sleeve…nobody wants to hear it, nobody cares at that moment and your ruining everyone’s good time with your poor attitude…next time stay home!

6. Don’t talk about other people with other people, it’s rude and it just makes you look like an ass! Ha! ;)

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