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Svan High Chair Review

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A good High Chair is hard to come by in my opinion! My biggest complaint: Cleaning the darn thing! Many High Chairs on the market today are filled with grooves everywhere! This means that all of that precious food that somehow doesn’t make it into your little one’s mouth, ends up in the grooves and it’s nearly impossible to get out! If you don’t hose it down every time, your stuck with rotting food in the High Chair, which is not only disgusting but a hazard to your little ones and to the household. I don’t know about you, but hosing the high chair down every time Lil’ pea eats drives me NUTTY, as if we needed anymore nuttiness floating around in this house! Well, Svan must have known what I was going through and created the Svan High Chair, specifically with MUAH in mind…I just know it was inspired by ME….But I’ll brag about my specific contributions to the High Chair industry later….

Thanks to Scandanavian Child we were given the opportunity to test out this little gem of a High Chair and with it’s birch bentwood frame (an environmentally friendly process, by the way), detachable tray cover and NO GROOVES, this mom is one happy camper. When Lil’ pea’s done eating, I grab the sponge and give it a quick wipe down and I’m DONE! Yup, that’s it….FINALLY! Svan figured out that mom’s don’t have time to hose off the high chair 4 or 5 times a day!

Frame: Svan’s High Chair is designed to grow with your child, allowing you to utilize this chair from 6 months to adulthood. Every child’s torso is different and Svan took that into account when they designed the Svan Chair. The seat depth and height is fully adjustable allowing you to adjust the chair to your child. The foot rest is also adjustable, allowing for even more versatility. For safety purposes and so that little hands don’t adjust the chair, Svan includes an allen wrench and this tool must be used in order to adjust the high chair.

Design & Finish: The Svan High Chair comes in 5 different finishes (natural, cherry, mahogany, white and espresso) and features optional seat pads in many different colors, allowing you to match your Svan High Chair to your current decor. Tired of blue? No problem, swap it out for a trendy, colorful dot pattern inspired by Baby Star.

Cleaning: Cleaning requires only a sponge and a little mom power and your ready for babies next feeding. The optional chair cover can be wiped down with a damp cloth or thrown in the washing machine and the removable tray cover can be hand washed for a quick clean or thrown in the dishwasher. Simple enough?

Portability: Svan’s high chair does not collapse, however it is more compact than any other high chair I have seen to date. It would be rather easy for us to toss it in the back of the SUV if needed. The Svan High Chair also fits perfectly in any vehicle seat upside down (tray off) for easy travel.

First Impressions:
Right out of the box, we noticed that Svan’s high chair is beautifully crafted wood and takes about 5 minutes to put together! Svan’s quality craftsmanship allows for proper assembly right out of the box and all holes and screws actually fit, unlike some un-assembled furniture we have purchased in past years. We received the Espresso with an orange chair cover and those two colors against each other is really a statement. Lil’ pea was dancing on the floor, waiting patiently to climb in and as soon as daddy had it put together, she climbed right in, all by herself…BONUS!

What we LOVE about Svan’s High Chair….
- The rockin’ design! Not only a high chair but a proclamation of art and one that will fit with just about any home decor.
- Svan’s high chair is fully adjustable and grows with your child, which is a wonderful concept, as this is the only high chair you’ll ever need to buy. When your finished using it as a high chair, it turns into a regular chair that kids and adults (up to 250 lbs) both can use. Svan’s Chair allows for years of use in a product we all have to purchase anyway.
- The feature we love more than any other is the ease of cleaning. There are literally no grooves for the food to drop into. The surface of the Svan High Chair is completely smooth and a simple wipe down takes care of your high chair clean up duties in a matter of seconds. With the detachable tray cover that makes your cleaning job just that much easier…rinse under the sink with a little soap and your done!

What we don’t love about Svan’s High Chair….
Svan’s High Chair includes a 3-point harness to strap your little ones in. This may not necessarily be something that every family would frown up on, however, our Lil’ Pea is a master escape artist and she can escape the 3-point harness. However, many families do not like their babies to be restricted, so a 3-point harness may be preferable to a 5 -point harness for your family.

The Svan High Chair retails for $259.99 and after taking this high chair for a test drive, I would happily purchase this high chair and recommend it to my friends. Want one of your very own? Visit Svanstore.com and take one home!

Oh and you are more than welcome to leave a comment and thank me for inspiring Svan to make such a rockin’ high chair!

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