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What Would You Do?

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A few years ago I passed out in the pediatrician’s office….long story short, the ER doctor wanted me out of his ER and sent me home with a paper that read: Allergic Reaction! Please! I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t the Peanut Butter I ate that morning (as I have for the last 28 years)that suddenly made me weak in the knees.

Fast forward to last week. I have that same feeling, like I’m going to pass out. Tunnel vision, muffled hearing and the damn room is spinning around and around and around around (are you getting the point here?). Problem this time: I have the baby with me in the stroller and YES she can escape the evil wrath of the 5 point harness! So there’s your first, What to do moment.

I then get to suffer the embarrassment of calling my MIL because dh is at school and she has to come to the rescue and get me to the doctor, because the room just wouldn’t stop spinning this time. (BTW Thanks Mom) Doc thinks somethings swelling in my brain (WHAT?). Um thanks, but no thanks, I’ll be on my way back to my semi-normal life now! Oh the vertigo?…no problem, I’m pretty sure I can live with that, SO take your CT and shove it!”.

An immediate CT scan follows ( I know, I’m all talk and no bite), fingers crossed, praying to the almighty CT gods that I don’t throw up in this damn machine, because I’m guessing that my small, nearly non existent income isn’t going to cover the cost of even one screw on this machine.

So back to my fate…

Results: NORMAL

Problem: I have been periodically dizzy everyday since! Learning to live with it, but would sure like to have an answer. It has come to my attention that my little friend, Vertigo is here to stay (I talk to him often, it sounds a little something like this: F*** S***Why Me? G**D*****Again? Umph! Whatever!) and there’s not much I can do about it at this point. No answers, just guesses and those guesses bring no resolution. Which brings me to my question:

What Would You Do?

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