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Girls are MEAN!

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Girls are MEAN! For this particular post I will refer to them as girls for obvious reasons. I’ve seen it in high school, I’ve seen it after high school, I’ve seen it here, I’ve seen it there, well really I’ve seen it everywhere! Girls being mean to other girls…what gives?

Girls are jealous! Jealous as in it’s high school prom and Betty Jo just got invited by “that guy” you were hoping to go with and you want to tear her eyes out, knowing full well that it isn’t her fault he picked her! Jealous as in I can’t believe you just got your nose pierced because I was going to do that this weekend…ugh I hate you! But mind you these “girls” are not in high school, they are grown “girls” and mothers at that!

I truly don’t understand and I think I need a little help here you guys! Why do girls prey on other girls? Someone can be going along minding their own business and then WHAM! get hit right upside the head with a mean comment or a mean glance. Just yesterday I took my 4-year old to a birthday party and many of you know that I did my hair a little funkier than normal recently. Well from right behind me, I hear a whisper “you think her hair is bright enough?” Well Thank You, NO! I was thinking about going bright Teal next time! Boy would she have had a hay day with that!

But here’s what I don’t understand…she was obviously loud enough that she didn’t mind if I heard it…why on earth would any human being purposely hurt another human being? Perhaps she was viewing the scene as gorillas in the wild and she felt I was somehow infringing on her territory or does she just wish that she could die her hair bright red and is envious that I did?

This is a mother I’m talking about, remember I was at a birthday party. Oh and don’t think they travel alone, I received a few lovely looks from a few of the women at the party. I’m a little used to it, I still sport an eyebrow ring and I have a few tattoos in obvious places on my body, but just because I display a little edginess doesn’t mean that I’m a bad person, an unkind person or a person that deserves “Mean Girl” bashing!

For those who know me, they would describe me as one of the nicest, kindness human beings they know. I would jump out of a moving car to save an old lady crossing the street. I’ll clean your house or cook you dinner if just had a baby, I’ll even pick up a little dog poop if you broke your arm! I’m also the one who rarely sticks up for herself and internalizes everything! I’m nice, I’m kind and most importantly I’m a mother! It is my job to show my girls by example how others should be treated. And let me tell you something, if I EVER see one of my girls becoming a “Mean Girl” their high school life wouldn’t exist! They would be sitting quietly in our home library, next to me every Friday night, reading books about growing your own avocados!

This isn’t the first time I have been bashed offline or on and it certainly won’t be the last. Unfortunately the “Mean Girls” are here to stay, but that’s just more incentive for me to pick the bright teal color next time and perhaps a new tattoo..hmmmm, I think some shock therapy may be good for all of us!

Oh and a piece of advice to all the “Mean Girls” out there: Although you think you are superior when you are speaking badly about someone else, you really just look like an ass to the others around you!

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