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Guest Post: No Coupons For You

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Today’s Guest Post is written by Sandra @ Smart Cents Mom! Sandra is a mom to two and a avid couponer. She blogs about everything from store deals to freebies and coupons. She’s a very sweet person and a fellow Sour Apple Studios designed blog…on with Sandra’s Post:

It has happened to me. It has happened to my friends. If you use coupons, someday it will happen to you. It’s the “Hey, you can’t use that coupon”.

Cashiers come up with inventive reasons on why they can’t accept your coupon. Here are my Top 5 favorite reasons :

5. You can only use 1 coupon per purchase. All your items together are 1 purchase so you can only use 1 coupon. (it really means 1 coupon per item)

4. That’s a travel size item so you can’t use that coupon. (the coupon says any size)

3. You can only buy the pictured item (the coupon says any item)

2. This item is on clearance and we can’t give you another discount

1. If I let you use the coupon then the item would be FREE.

When the cashier tells me the reason, I start feeling like I am in a Seinfield episode being told “No soup for you”. The best thing to do is remain calm and polite. You can point out to the cashier the exact wording on the coupon. You can explain that the store will be reimbursed for the coupon value even if the item ends up being free.

In the end, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose out. Just keep your sense of humor and use your coupon on another day.

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