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My Poor Husband…

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My poor, poor husband! I have been in the utter chaos of mommy land for some time now. I have always been the one with the funky hair, the pierced eyebrow (yes I still have it) and it fits my personality to a tee. Since the birth of our Lil Pea 18 months ago, it’s been impossible for me to find the time to do ANYTHING with myself and I have fallen deep in the depths of being a frumpy mom. Well last week I had it!

So I made myself an appointment to get my hair done. Now mind you, my husband has never been fond of my “in your face” fashion, or at least he has proclaimed. Ha! I knew I’d get him to fess up sooner or later. When he met me I was wearing Kiss boots, I had multiple colors in my hair and piercings covering half of my body, so somewhere I knew he had a “thing” for my “in your face” ways, it was just going to take almost 8 years to get him to fess up!

All week long we went back and forth about what I should do with my hair and when I finally arrived at the salon, I told my *NEW* hairdresser that I needed to get myself back. No more frumpy mom syndrome, no more classic mom look, it was time for me to take over the world again and I wanted to make sure to do it as funky and silly as my personality. Here’s the kicker: Before I left the house, my husband told me that I had full support to come home with Blue hair…What? O.K. Mr. ” I like natural beauty”, Mr. “It’s time to grow up”! Where the hell did all that go? Aha, finally a confession!

I know what he thought…”I’ve converted her, she’ll never come home with blue hair”! He was in for the shock of his life, because I came home with something just as shocking! Black with fire engine red stripes…My poor, poor husband! I don’t like posting pics of myself, but for conversation purposes, here ya go!

BTW…he LOVES it!

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