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SwellyBelly by Nine Moons

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Oh the expanding belly! When you become pregnant and realize that your belly will just keep growing and growing and growing, it dawns on you that you have to keep buying more and more and more maternity clothes. Well coming from a seasoned veteran, let me just tell you that your cute, little expanding belly is going to become your most high priced accessory (and yes it is an accessory, because you do get to eventually take it off!).

Well two sisters were feeling the onset of the expanding belly and wanted, hip, stylish maternity clothes just like every other mother. They soon faced the road block that we all do…MONEY (and who wants to give up their pre-pregnancy clothes anyway)…and decided to create SwellyBelly by Nine Moons! The SwellyBelly Maternity Belly Band and Nursing Cover is not only a stylish maternity accessory, but one that allows you to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes throughout your pregnancy, saving you money and your sanity. SwellyBelly provides coverage and support throughout your nine months and after, doubling as a nursing cover.

The SwellyBelly Maternity Belly Bands are super soft and silky and offer full coverage of your belly (no more checkin‘ to see if your hangin‘ out). It’s comfortable, practical, economical and best of all it allows you to navigate your nine months ahead in style. You can purchase the SwellyBelly Maternity Belly Band and Nursing Cover online or find a retailer near you. With a price tag of just $26.95, a few of these covers will save you hundreds during your nine months. So what are you waiting for? Go accessorize your belly while you still have one!

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