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My 20-month Old Decided to Potty Train Herself!

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Yes, that’s right! We have said goodbye to our last diaper and Hello to big girl panties!

So, let me back up to the beginning. Two months ago I bought a Baby Bjorn Potty Chair. It has been sitting on the fire place in my living room, in an effort to get Lil’ Pea interested in the idea of a potty. I explained what it was and how we were to go about using it and then I said nothing more. I never asked her to use the potty again, in fact we never said much about Mr. Potty after his initial introduction. So it sat there for 2 months, on my fire place, in my living room, for everyone to see!

Let it be known that Lil’ Pea has hated diapers for some time now and has continued to remove her diaper at least 15-20 times a day. I tried overalls, onesie’s on backwards and yes I even tried duct tape! She mastered them all with no issues and I finally gave up and accepted that my then 18 month old just enjoyed being naked!

Last Sunday…. she woke up as usual and went straight to the potty, removed her diaper, sat down and went potty. Then she did it again and again and again and again. Until we had 9 pee pee’s under our belt for that day with only 1 accident.

Monday came….she repeated Sunday with only one accident, although this time we added 2 poo poo’s to the regime!

Last night….she woke up 2 times…yes count em’, 2 times to go to the POTTY!!!!

Tuesday….we have had NO accidents today at all! While out shopping she informed me that she needed to use the potty and I ran to the bathroom and she went!

We now have New Dora Panties…yup…We took Lil’ Pea to pick out her very own pack of big girl panties and of course she chose Dora!

Exciting? Well for me it is…I have put in NO effort to potty train her! This is every mother’s dream! She just woke up one day and decided that she was done with her stinky old diapers and this mama is one HAPPY, Proud, Gleaming from ear-to-ear Mommy! C’mon, wouldn’t you be?

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  • Reply Tasha January 24, 2012 at 6:03 am

    Wow! That is amazing! Maybe I should put my daughters potty in the living room or kitchen instead of the bathroom. We’ll see. You are a very lucky Mommy!

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