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Top 10 Reasons I am Excited to Stay Home with My Family this Coming Weekend

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I’m not going to Blogher…Boo Hoo! Really I am sad. I’m a little bit envious of all of the wonderful bloggers that I will be unable to bless with my presence ;) But I DO get to stay home with my family and they are better than Blogher and Bake Shop Twists put together…So right now I’m going to tell you the top 10 reasons I am excited to stay home with my family!

1. When I’m home I get at least 5 hugs every hour

2. I get to attempt to cook something for my family, even though we already know it will be a failure (I’m no good at the cooking thing)

3. We can have a “clean the walls party” and to top it off I think we’ll add in some extra fun and see who can clean the most baseboards in an hour!

4. We can go to Jamba Juice and just sit there for awhile because we will have No play dates, No classes, No work and nowhere to go (can you imagine?)

5. I can choose to stay out of the 109 deg. weather…Yes I did say 109 deg.!

6. DH is home on the weekends and that means I only have to change 6 of the 12 diapers Lil’ Pea will demolish during the day

7. Eggo Bake Shop Twists (No this is not a shameless plug)…I’m addicted to those silly pastries

8. I can walk around the outside of my house and pick up this months plants I have killed

9. Because DH is my movie buddy and on the weekends it’s movie marathon time, while little feet pitter patter in front of us and we only catch half of the movie!

10. Because DH, Lil’ Pea and Big Pea are Rockstar’s and I would be a fool not to be excited to hang with them any day of the week!

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