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I’m Getting My A** Kicked Over Here!

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Yes! You read that right, I’m getting my ass kicked over here! Yes I’m venting, deal with it or hop on! The Bloggy Birthday Bash, school shopping, registering for my classes (which were nearly full and I could only get 6 units instead of 15!!!!), my house, soccer, gym, the baby waking up 3 to 4 times a night, yada, yada, yada! My ass is kicked! I’m on the floor begging for someone to pick me up and since I have quit breast feeding my “Sad’s” have come back (that’s “Deal”ectible Mom talk for mild depression)!

Your right, I NEVER complain, but today I’m complaining because, well because I need to! It took me nearly 4 hours to clean 2 rooms today, that should be some kind of crime! Being busy shouldn’t kick my ass this bad, should it? I know I just need perspective, but perspective seems to cost alot these days and this mama’s a little tight on cash!

I did go to my primary physician today to let him know how I have been feeling. He’s not surprised that that my “Sad’s” have come back after quitting breast feeding, but that’s no excuse for me to be in the state that I’m in. Anyone else’s “Sad’s” come back after quitting breast feeding?

It’s hard to dig deep and find “the mom” that the kids are used to, the one that they rely on to show them what a hunger for life is. But I have to…. Then I get mad at myself for feeling this way. I have however, devised a plan. It involves a treadmill, a therapist, a low dose of anti-depressants and a glass of wine every night! My own prescription to life’s current problem!

Oh, you don’t agree? I’m pretty sure I lost that part of me that gives a shit what others think of me as I began to write this post. So if you were planning on leaving a comment about how I should put my head down and focus on the positive, you can keep it to yourself. I have a nifty little delete button that I like to use!

For those of you (I think most of you) who read this blog and love me (I’m just feeling all cuddly over here) you know that I am just a mom! A normal mom, who goes through tough situations and times in life that are not fun and right now is one of those times! I have 2 beautiful children a truly amazing husband, a family that loves me and I have NO reason to feel this way!!! I’m sad, I’m tired and I’m aware of the fact that I need my ass kicked, but don’t worry I’ve already kicked my own ass today, so there’s no need!

Going through the same thing?
I have a web cam and a glass of wine, so we can all get together and have a web cam, wine-o, “screw right now” party…or you can just think I’m plain nuts..your choice!

Oh and one more thing….thanks, I needed that!

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