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It Came, It Went and Ladies & Gentlemen, We have a Kindergartener!

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Today was a day that I have been dreading for some time now…..the 1st day of Kindergarten! I know it shouldn’t be dreadful, but there’s something that happens to a mother when they realize that their baby isn’t much of a baby anymore. We have been through the sleepless nights with her as a newborn, poopy diapers, spit up, throw up, the terrible two’s, tantrums, markers on the wall, poop on the floor, and the list goes on and on. But those days came and went like a passing breeze on a warm summer’s night. As I began to walk her up the steps to the Kindergarten drop off area, I felt that horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach, which is typically followed by loud heaving… but I couldn’t! I had to fight it and show her no fear! For if I had fear, her confidence would soon dissipate right along side mine!

She made it to class and with one last look of fear, she faded into the classroom. I ran around back and stared through the cracks in the blinds…there’s nothing wrong with that, right? She was already engaged and the thought of poor mom was already long gone. A few tears stayed with that window today. There’s no turning back now, no re-do’s, no second chances. The person she is today, is the person her father and I have molded her to be. She is a reflection of us, and a constant reason to become better everyday. Did we do it right? I don’t know! I can only take comfort in the fact that she is an outgoing, likable, confident and an overall rockin’ little kid!

The baby days may be over but I have many more stages to look forward to! In only a few years, I’ll be dropping her off at her first day of Jr. high, waving from the car, because she can’t possibly let anyone know that her mom dropped her off! I may be the coolest thing now, but in only a few short years I will graduate to “my mom is so embarrassing” status! It’s coming, I know it and I can hardly stand the thought. But we are mothers and it is our journey. With each stage comes a new lesson and with each lesson we become better because of these teeny, tiny little people.

And once again, my daughter taught me another lesson. A lesson in how blessed we are that we have been given the opportunity to walk the journey of Motherhood. I would be an entirely different person had I taken a different path and I have her to thank for that!

So here’s to you, my rockin’ little Kindergartner!

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