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Reader Poll: To Wax or Not to Wax?

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Your facial hair that is!  Although we could go into other territories, I’m not going to venture south today….after all it’s Friday!  Today I want to talk about facial hair removal.  Do you think it’s ok to get rid of that unwanted hair?  I mean after all, it was intended to be there for a reason right?  Do you think it changes your personality?  What I mean by that, is some people may have wild facial hair in the form of eyebrows and it gives them character, so should we mess with it?

On another note, for those of you that do wax, do you go for the hair removal creams or are you ballsy and go for the hair removal wax strips?

I have never personally used a hair removal cream and cannot report if it works or if it doesn’t, which is why I want your opinion!  Just recently I became brave and use the hair removal wax strips and Oh my WORD!  Now I have had facial hair removed at salons and have paid a pretty penny for it, so I decided that waxing my lip was somthing I could do myself.  I mean C’mon how hard can it be to press a piece of wax paper on your lip and pull, right?  Well let me tell you, the first time its not so hard!  I pressed, I then talked myself into it and decided on a correct plan of action, which was go quick or go home.  And then…I pulled!   EEEEEEEEK!  My husband ran in and asked me who was trying to kill me!  My only reaction:  “Oh that wasn’t so bad.”  Until of course the next time I went to take those little strips out again and then I had to grow some sudden balls.  I had to spend about ten minutes talking myself into it the second time.  After that my attitude changed to “just get it over with”.

So yes I am a hair remover! Yes I do my lip myself and I use wax!  Does it hurt? YES!  But I’m ok with it.  I am willing to endure the pain rather than share my friend Mr. hair with the outside world.  My eyebrows are another story…I leave that up to the professionals!

Now…I want to hear from you!  To wax or not to wax? What do you use and why do you use it?  And ladies I REALLY want to know, does the cream work?  Men your welcome to report on this too, however I have a feeling that your not gong to have much to report….

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