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Talk About Sleep: Helping You Stay Rested!

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My step mom suffers from severe sleep apnea.  She literally stops breathing as she’s sleeping.  Can you imagine how scary that must be?  When she was first diagnosed we were looking for a good deal on  CPAP Machines as they are very expensive!  Talk About Sleep’s online store offers CPAP Machines, as well as CPAP Masks, including nasal, oral and full face masks, among other products like Portable Oxygen Concentrators, and even light therapy for those who may have a Vitamin B deficiency and require special UV lighting in the winter months.  I use light therapy and know first hand how hard it can be to find the right lighting, as not just any light will do the trick. 

SO this is for those of you (a much larger percentage than one might expect) who may suffer from a sleep disorder like Sleep apnea and aren’t quite sure exactly where to start to find the right equipment!  Pay a visit to Talk About Sleep’s online store and check out their extensive line of products to get you back to sleeping like you should!

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