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5 Ways to Get Cash Fast

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I think just about everyone gets into a bind at one time or another and needs some cash quickly!  I know I’ve been there, I’m sure you have been there and I’m going to list 5 ways you can get cash quickly when the need arises!

1. Craigslist – If your like the majority of Americans, you have items lying around your house that you haven’t touched or used in awhile…for some of you, a long while!  You may think that no one will want an old lamp that doesn’t work, but I’m here to tell you that someone out there will most likely find a use for it!  As I move on to new strollers, high chairs, clothing,etc. I list the products that we are no longer using and I have made a bundle doing this!  Please note that Craigslist is a hit or miss and although someone may tell you they will show up….there are times that they never do!  This can be rather frustrating so prepare yourself for a few no-shows!

2.  Ebay – This holds the same basic principal as craigslist, however many people are weary to post items on ebay because they are unaware of how easy it is to do!  With a simple picture and a short description, you can list items on ebay and have cash in as little as 3-5 days, depending on your set auction time.  Ebay now has an option for you to check what a certain item is selling for before you list it, so you don’t waste time or money on something that won’t sell.  Ebay does take a small percentage of your sales, but it’s well worth it for a guaranteed sale.  I do suggest you set up a Paypal account before listing your items on ebay, as this is the preferred method of payment for all parties involved.

3. Payday Loans – a payday loan will allow you to get cash very quickly, typically the same day.  First time borrowers can typically borrow up to $400 and this can be repayed in full once you receive your paycheck or can be payed back in payments.  The only downside to a payday loan, is that you pay a large fee, typically around 25%!  But hey, if your in a bind, this can certainly be an option.

4. Got Change? - Nearly every grocery store now has a “coinstar” type of machine where you can dump in all of your loose change and instantly turn it into bills!  I bet you would be surprised to find how much change may be lying around your house.  Check your drawers, your car and don’t forget to check under the bed.  And don’t forget, there’s always a time when it’s time to break the piggy bank open!

5. Yard Sale – Why not make it easy on yourself and have people come to you!  If you have a lot of items and want maximum exposure, most newspapers offer a yard sale listing and for around $20 you can attract a very large crowd!  By the end of the day, you may be surprised to find that you made a nice little bundle of money and all from the comfort of your home!

So the next time you need to get your hands on some quick cash, just remember these five tips.  With a little effort and a little know how, it’s easy to save yourself when your in a bind or times are tight.

Disclaimer: I was compensated for my time in writing this post.  My thoughts and opinions remain my own.

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  • Reply Amethyst moon June 22, 2010 at 4:27 pm

    all good tips and all ones I’ve used
    Amethyst moon´s last blog post ..Tweet Tweet Twittering

  • Reply Sky June 24, 2010 at 8:06 am

    I love Craigslist! They’ve recently added one for my hometown and I use it all the time!
    Sky´s last blog post ..You Curl Infiniti by Conair *Giveaway*

  • Reply Shannon July 11, 2010 at 12:42 pm

    I’m with you about everything except payday loans. Not a fan of their predatory practices, so it doesn’t matter what type of bind we’re ever in (God forbid), we won’t go to those and wouldn’t recommend them either.

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