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Searching to Find the Right Car Seat? Ask Another Mom!

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When I became pregnant with my first daughter, I bought every book on the bookshelf in an attempt to find the BEST products and at the BEST price.  It wasn’t until well into my daughters first year that I realized that I wasted hundreds of dollars on books that provided me with little more than an interesting read before bedtime!  The books offered no mom-to-mom advice, nor did they offer any car seat reviews from parents who actually used them!

When it comes to car seats I want safety just like any other parent, and although some look much nicer than others, I could really care less if it’s purple with yellow polkadots and black stripes!  I just wanted the piece of mind (and still do) that I’m placing my child into the safest device on the market.  Enough said!

When I had Big Pea everyone was using Graco Car Seats and the book did mention them, so I bought one.  It carried our daughter for the first six months and thankfully we did not encounter any car “incidents” and the “bucket”, as we liked to call it, did it’s job.  It wasn’t until I became pregnant with my second daughter, that I did some hefty research and guess where I found my answers?  MOMS! Yes, you know those people that we thought knew nothing when we were sixteen?  Yea them!  They had the answers.  The more mom’s that I asked, the more my research began to come together and armed with advice from about 50 mom’s, I set out to back it up with a little internet research, that I found, after the fact, to be a waste of time.

The point is that when you want to know which products work and which products your throwing your money away on…simply ask another mom!  Read mom blogs, ask your friends, mom’s at the park or that nice woman that always smiles at My Gym.  Trust me…they have ALL the answers!

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