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10 Good Reasons to Go Organic & Save the Honeybee’s!

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Recently, we were introduced to Melvita, a company who makes organic skincare products such as creams, floral waters, and argan oil. Founded in 1983, Melvita developed their first natural organic beauty product based on ingredients from a beehive. After years of development, Melvita was one of the first companies in the world to earn the ECOCERT certificate for organic products in 2002, setting the global stage for natural organic beauty products.

Today, Melvita is sharing 10 good reasons to go organic with us:

Why Choose To Go Organic…

1. The products you choose are natural and safe
2.You choose products that are highly biodegradable
3. You support organic farming
4. You will discover how effective natural can be
5. You avoid petrochemical derivatives
6. You rediscover the wisdom of traditional beauty routines
7. You avoid synthetic fragrances
8. You help to protect bees
9. You pamper yourself
10. You use products that are safe, gentle, and particularly suited for delicate areas of the body


Aside from making organic skincare products, Melvita is very much involved with saving the honeybee’s. The current phenomenon known as “Colony Collapse Disorder” in which entire honeybee colonies are suddenly abandoning the hive and dying signals a true crisis. In the past several years, more than 25% of the U.S. honeybee population has disappeared. There are many suspected reasons for “Colony Collapse Disorder”, but there is no one definitive answer. What we do know is that the honeybee needs help and preservation.

To learn more about Melvita, the honeybee crisis and Melvita’s extensive line of products including beehive products, visit Melvita online.

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