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How to Save $$ on Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

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If you have carpet in your home, then you know full well that carpet cleaning is a must. Often times, families purchase carpet cleaning machines and although these machines are great temporary fixes, they simply do not get everything out. There are times that you just have to call in the professionals, and its actually much more affordable than one would think. Many carpet cleaning companies also do much more than just clean carpets, offering furniture cleaning and stone cleaning services, just to name a few. Think of it as a “one stop shop” for home cleaning services.

When we began using carpet cleaning companies many moons ago, I called to get a rate and agreed to pay it. However, over the years I have learned that there are a few tricks that may save you time and money….

Move furniture yourself – ask your carpet cleaning company if they will offer you a discount if you move the furniture yourself and have the carpet ready when they arrive. Often times they will be happy to do so!

Ask if they have a referral program – nearly every carpet cleaning company we have worked with offers discounts for referrals. In fact, our current carpet cleaners will give us a FREE cleaning when we have referred 2 friends and even our friends get a discounted rate!

Look for coupons – this seems like a no brainer, however carpet cleaning isn’t exactly a service that I associate with coupons. Your local phone book may have a number of coupons located right inside that will save you a bundle. You may also want to look up the companies website and see if they have coupons listed on their company site.  Chemdry offers a FREE room when you book online!

Clean More – many professional carpet cleaning services, such as ChemDry carpet cleaning, charge by room. One would think that cleaning fewer rooms will save you money, however typically the more rooms you clean, the lower your rate per room will be.

Get Educated: The more spot cleaning the company has to provide, the more your price will increase. Ask the company what you can do in between services to keep spots to a minimum and you will find that your next service will be even cheaper.

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