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And We’re Off….

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Last Saturday, the girls and I headed down towards San Diego to spend a few weeks at my in-laws beach house. It’s nice that as the school year winds down each year, we have a fun adventure to look forward to, and a warm place to sleep and play while we are there.

The beach house is cozy and home-like, as many beach houses are that are near the ocean, and the best part is, we can see the ocean from our location and a two minute walk lands us right on the sand.

The girls and I decided to head down ahead of time and get the house settled before my husband arrived. My in-laws were near the area and decided to hop over for a few days while we are here. I am fortunate that I love, love, love my in-laws and we have such a great time together and the girls just adore them. I am also thankful that my father-in-law was here, because we had a small flood when we arrived!

Apparently, the valve on the water heatered decided that it was it’s time to go and we had a small flood outside of the house (thankfully, nothing inside). Although my husband has been known to replace a faucet or fix a gas heater (with help), he isn’t exactly what you would call a handy man, and we were thrilled when my father-in-law jumped right in and had the problem fixed in under an hour.

Go Papa!

We will be gone until the end of the month, however I brought my iPad and I will still be posting daily deals throughout the day and I have a number of giveaways and guest posts lined up for you!

And we’re off…..

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