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It’s Summer, I Need a Project, and I’m Heading for Trouble!

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It’s official summer and I have recently had the design itch and the bad part about this kind of itch, is that I’m terrible at designing…anything! I tend to look for projects that ultimately get me into loads of trouble because when I start something, I have to finish it. This isn’t always easy when you’re dealing with large objects like dining room tables, or even chairs for that matter. An accessory, a wall hanging, or a box of nails are easy feats to overcome and replace quickly, but changing out large objects…not so much!

We bought an awesome, all wood, dining room table from Cost Plus nearly seven years ago and although I still love that the table is well made and pretty, I’m tired of looking at it. Is it just me, or do you ever just get tired of looking at the same objects day in and day out?

Oh and have I mentioned that there are 3…count em’…3 people in my family who are or aspire to be interior designers and they are good at it! That gene was apparently left out when the maker put me together because I don’t see unity when I look at objects, I simply like it or I don’t. I buy items for that reason alone and hope that they will somehow work together in the same room, which I have found isn’t always the case!

But, I like it, and that’s really all that matters.

So back to my project….er….chore that I created for myself. I turned to my online search engine for help in the dining room table department and was thrilled to see a few affordable options such as the home styles wood dining table in black. Although this doesn’t work for our current space, I was thrilled when I saw the low price tag that was paired with very high customer reviews. Gotta love online shopping!

So, I ‘m still standing here. In my dining room. Staring at the table that I’m tired of looking at. Wondering how much trouble I’m going to get into when I do find the table that I fall in love with!

How are you coping with summer? Are you creating projects for yourself, keeping up the same pace, or relaxing poolside?

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