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Meathead Movers: Professionally Trained Student Athlete Movers

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I was recently introduced to a new website deemed “Meathead Movers“. Now with a name like that, and a slogan that read “Professionally Trained Student Athlete Movers”, the company quickly had my attention and I combed through their website and Facebook page trying to figure out exactly what services they were offering. In fact, after reading about the company, I was so impressed that I just had to share this unique moving company with all of you.

How It Began…
Aaron and Evan Steed started Meathead Movers in 1997, when Aaron was a high school junior and Evan a freshman. Because of their school and athletic commitments, the two were having difficulties finding part-time work that fit around their busy schedules. One day the brothers helped a friend’s parents to move. This led to some immediate word of mouth about their labor service. The customary fee back then was usually $20.00 and pizza for a day’s labor. The Steeds enjoyed the workout of moving, but they also enjoyed the gratitude they received from their clients after a job well done. So began the journey of Meathead Movers.

The company owners aren’t the only impressive feature of this company, however. Meathead Movers has received over 55 business awards aside from offering an array of amazing services, the company is commited to helping their local communities with fundraising efforts, grants and scholarships.

Unique Company Features
First of all, Meathead Movers will move women who have suffered from domestic violence for free! In addition, the company uses local athletes, who have went through a full background check, drug screening, and the company ensures that they hire people that you can feel comfortable being in a room alone with.

Meathead Movers also provides grants and scholarships for local student athletes and puts on really fun fundraisers multiple times a year that benefit local kids. Oh, and to save you time and money, these movers will actually jog when they aren’t carrying items. Seriously, how cool is this?

There’s a number of other amazing reasons why you should choose to use Meathead Movers if you are in need of movers in the California area and I hope you will all consider this company the next time you are in need of a moving company!

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  • Reply AML July 21, 2011 at 11:01 pm

    What a cool company! Its a business for a cause, at first to help themselves and eventually helping others. Very good job Meathead Movers!

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