Getting Back on Track!

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It seems nearly impossible that summer could be over already, doesn’t it? We were fortunate this summer and were able to travel alot, and now school is back in session and it’s time to realign for the upcoming year. School started back just yesterday for our Big Pea, and the first day of 2nd grade went surprisingly well, other than the large class size (our schools allow up to 40 students per classroom).

I have co-room parented the last two years, and this year I was the only room-parent who signed-up, which means I have a lot to learn in the organization department! I have assisted with class parties and donated my time to the classroom the past few years, but I have yet to be the full-time organizer, and it looks like this year I’ll have to step up my game a bit. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Lil’ Pea starts school next week, and that means I will have at least a few hours of free time three days a week to focus on work and school. I may also have the opportunity to get back on track in the exercise department, as I gained three pounds over summer and that’s not sitting too well with me. I was thinking of adding a little fun to my workout this year, and have considered purchasing the Wii fit plus with balance board – in hopes of staying on track and hopefully looking forward to my workouts, rather than dreading them.

After our many travels and down time over summer, we are certainly finding it difficult to get back on track. To be quite honest with you, I think my girls are doing better than I am with the 6 am wake-up calls. If I could just find a way to bottle their energy and enthusiasm, I think my zombie-like state would dissipate, at least for a little while.

Oh and…just one more thing – who on earth decided that school should start BEFORE 8 am?


  1. Yes I completely agree; nothing should ever start before 8 a.m.! The Wii fit is pretty fun also. :)

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