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School is Back – and So Am I!

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This week marked the beginning of both girls being back in school and that means that I can actually focus on projects, work, and online events. In fact lately I have found myself engaging in more conference calls than normal, and I can tell you first hand that its rather difficult to have a professional phone call with a three year old repeating “I want juice, I want juice” when your trying discuss web analytics.

I now actually have the time to google things like “how to cook”, “how to clean”, and more recently, “what to put in your child’s lunchbox other than Lunchables”. I mean these are important searches and finally I have the time to perform them! Any parent would be gleaming with delight.

Being back in school also means that later in life they won’t be googling the silly things that their mother does. It is my hope that they will google far more interesting things such as, “cheapest airfare to Italy”, or “How to get in a prestigious college”. I hope that school will teach them life lessons, and the value of a dollar (this is something they learn in school, right?).

One things for sure, they won’t be lacking in computer skills. It’s not a secret that my three year old knows how to work my iPhone better than I do, and could quite possibly solve all of our nations problems, or at the very least come up with web conferencing solutions to discuss them. In fact, I had to remove YouTube from my phone because I found her watching debates. It wasn’t the watching that disturbed me, but rather the fact that she had an opinion about them.

I’m certain that we have a future president on our hands.

Whether they choose to become the president of the United States, or simply become an Internet guru with a specialization in web meeting solutions is up to them. For now, I’m grateful that I have a few hours to myself, even if I use those hours googling strange subjects.

When I figure out what to put into their lunchbox other than Lunchables, I’ll be sure to fill you in!

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