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How We Bought a New Car and Saved $$$.

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Buying a new vehicle can be stressful, to say the least. Once you get over the initial sticker shock of a new car or truck, you have to fill out what seems like a stack of paperwork, run credit checks, and negotiate a fair price.

My first car was a used Chevy Camaro that I loved. I was fortunate that my mom provided me with my first car, so I didn’t have to jump through hoops at a young age. My second vehicle however, was a one year old Chevy S-10 (I loved that truck!) that I purchased from a Dodge dealer, and there was really no negotiation that happened. They simply told me that because I was young, and had very little credit history, they could cut me a little off the price and give me a monthly payment that I was ok with. They certainly made out like bandits on that deal and naivety led me into a deal that wasn’t really much of a deal at all.

But alas, there is a better way to buy and save on a new vehicle.

After becoming pregnant and facing the reality that I would have to give up my beloved truck, my husband and I set out to purchase a Honda Pilot and I was apprehensive about the whole car buying process. He quickly told me not to worry and to watch and learn. He looked up the car’s invoice price online, printed it out and we went to the dealership. I didn’t ask any questions, but paid close attention. He walked right up to a salesperson and said “I want to buy that car today and I’ll give you $500 over the invoice price”! I thought “wow, that was brave”. The car salesman was in shock and paused for a moment, before he said “let’s go do the paperwork”.

It actually went down just like that!

Since then, he has helped countless other people do the same and not one has been turned down. Whether you are approaching a Chrysler dealer or a Jeep dealer really doesn’t matter when you’re buying a car, especially in this economy. Companies want to move vehicles and $500 – $1000 is better than that customer being turned down and moving on to the next dealer.

The next time you are in the market for a new car, don’t allow others to dictate what you will pay.  Name your price and start the negotiating off on your terms!

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