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Are You Prepared for a Natural Disaster?

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Living in Southern California and being located right on top of the San Andreas fault, earthquakes are not just a possibility, but rather and event that has occurred in the past and one that will continue to occur in the future. I would be lying if I told you that the simple fact of where we live didn’t bother me, and I think I share this feeling with many of my Southern California neighbors.

Being a mother has opened my eyes to the possibility of a natural disaster occurring, and I have ran through the possible scenarios a thousand times in my head. My fear is that they will not be with me if an earthquake should occur, and how I would handle getting to them if such an event presented itself. The truth is when you become a parent, you must be prepared ahead of time and have a solid plan in place for the “possibilities” that the future holds, especially when you live in earthquake country, as we do.

After taking a geology class in college, I quickly learned just how at risk our area is for an earthquake, and how to properly prepare for such an event. Water and long term food storage (check out PrepareWise.com for ideas) are a necessity, and something every parent should consider having on hand. Although dried food may not seem real appealing at the moment, you very well could face an event in the future where it becomes rather appetizing, and more importantly – necessary.

I realize that natural disasters are not exactly a topic that many people like to discuss or think of, however with the global climate rapidly changing, it may be time that you prepare yourself now and be ready for anything that may come your way. Below you’ll find a list from FEMA of important supplies that you should prepare ahead of time and have in a safe location should a disaster strike….

– Flashlight and extra batteries.
– Portable battery-operated radio and extra batteries.
– First aid kit and manual.
– Emergency food and water.
– Nonelectric can opener.
– Essential medicines.
– Cash and credit cards.
– Sturdy shoes.

Have you put together an emergency preparedness kit?  Do you have additional suggestions that you would like to add?  Leave a comment below and let us know!

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