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Major Security Breach at NoMoreRack!

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I awoke this morning to a number of posting from fellow bloggers of a major security breach at NoMoreRack last night. After visiting NoMoreRack’s Facebook Page I noticed a status update that read…

Hello, as valued customers, we take your privacy and ensuring the security of your data very seriously. In the middle of the night last night, our technology team was alerted to an issue involving ability to login and our login process. In order to properly diagnose the issue and continue to ensure the security of the site, on notification we disabled the checkout process. We can assure you no billing information was compromised. Nomorerack does not store any card holder data, rather card holder data is stored within a PCI compliant environment and our billing gateway. Nevertheless, our team is reviewing all accounts accessed during the period of time when the login function experienced abnormalities to ensure the integrity of each customer’s account. Please feel free to contact customer service with any questions or concerns you may have.

However, after reading a post at Thriftywifey.com that stated comments on the NoMoreRack Facebook page are being deleted as quickly as they are posted not only concerns me, but makes me wonder why they are attempting to cover it up. Thriftywifey.com also reported that “When someone tried to log into their account most were directed to a completely different person’s account and able to view all their personal information including name, address, phone number and possibly credit card information if it was saved in the account”.

This is disappointing news to say the least, and I apologize to each and every one of you who have made a purchase at NoMoreRack, especially if it was through our promoting efforts. We have been promoting NoMoreRack for some time now and I have personally never had any issues with them, nor have any of our readers – until now. It’s important to us that we only promote legitimate deals from legitimate companies and with NoMoreRack’s reputation, we thought we were doing just that.

What Should You Do Next?
Monitor your credit card account, Paypal account and/or bank accounts closely over the next few days. You may even want to alert your credit card companies/banks. You may also want to visit NoMoreRack and choose the “chat” option to have your account canceled.

My apologies again to all of you!

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