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5 Not-So-Practical Gift Suggestions for Guys!

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When it comes to buying for kids it’s rather easy. A quick visit to Amazon or ToysRus will give you a number of ideas that every child will love. However, when it comes to the guys – the task becomes a bit harder!

When I set out to find a few gifts for my husband, I noticed that all of the suggestions seemed to be the same: tools, gadgets, and more tools and gadgets. But, what do you do when your guy is filled to the brim on tools and gadgets?

Here’s a few not-so-practical ideas that will have him leaping with joy on Christmas morning…..

Timberland Boots – Let’s face it, every guy can use a good pair of solid, long lasting boots, and Timberland boots are sure to make your guy smile! Make sure to check Timberland coupon codes before you buy!

Sports Tickets - nearly every guy I know watches sports and enjoys every minute of it. Why not score him tickets to see his favorite team play nearby or a season pass to the sports field at the college nearby!

Gift Cards – now this may sound like a no-brainer, however women like to give their guys a beautiful, wrapped up present that was chosen from the heart. Well ladies – save it! Buy him a gift card to his favorite store instead and you’ll find a bigger smile on his face on Christmas morning!

Get Out of Jail Free Card – this one is great for those on a budget! Give your guy a special voucher that allows him to either hang out with his friends any night he pleases, or get out of a “honey dew”… you can even extend that voucher so that he can get out of trouble at least once!

Go Practical – my guy actually loves this one! I fill a basket or bag with essentials such as socks, underwear, razor cartridges, t-shirts, and anything else that he uses on a daily basis. He’ll love that he didn’t have to go shopping and buy it himself!

Don’t forget to search for coupon codes form sites such as Couponology if you plan to shop online, and check your local newspaper for in-store coupons.  Do you have any other gift suggestions for men?

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