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Diabetic Connect: A Great Resource for Diabetics & their Families

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It was until I met my husband that I learned about diabetes and the struggles that come along with it. My FIL has struggled with diabetes living for years, and takes every step possible to keep it fully under control. I have learned more about diabetes from him than I think I could have learned by taking a class, and I think the most important point I’ve learned about diabetes is that those living with it must seek the proper diabetes help to stay healthy and in control.

Diabetic Connect is a great online resource filled with diabetes articles for both those living with diabetes, and the family members that care about them so much. From superfoods that every diabetic should know about, to properly monitoring blood sugar levels and staying healthy, Diabetic Connect connects you to the resources needed to stay in control and live a healthy lifestyle.

After reading through the articles at Diabetes Connect, I came across a very interesting article about Diabetes myths. I know that many of the myths pointed out in the article, such as “kids with diabetes shouldn’t have sugar”, or “there are no thin diabetics”, are often times the presumptions that many people make when they hear about diabetes. However, after reading this article through Diabetic Connect everyone can get a crash course on the different types of diabetes, the risk factors, warning signs, and the proper steps to take if you have been diagnosed.

I hope that this great resource will provide all of you with a crash course in diabetes and help you or your loved ones who have been diagnosed.

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