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Five Home Improvements that are Worth Splurging On!

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Have you often wanted to start on a home improvement project, only to wonder if it would actually be adding value to your home? A patio face-lift, or office renovation is probably not going to offer the kind of return you are hoping for, but the five home improvements listed below sure will!

Kitchen Remodel – This is the #1 home improvement that will add value to your home…when it’s done right! A minor kitchen face-lift will return more value that any other project you choose to invest in, and just about any real estate agent you talk to will concur.

Central Air Conditioning – This is a convenience that we here in California could never go without, and if you live in an area that even gets moderately warm, you may want to ensure that your home has central AC. I can tell you first hand that I wouldn’t personally purchase a home that was without Central air conditioning, and this will add a lot of value to your home.

Automatic Garage Door Opener – This is an often overlooked home improvement, and there are many out there that already have automatic garage door openers installed, however many cities around the country are going without this much needed convenience. If you currently have a garage door that is simply not in working order, you may find that a simple overhead garage repair is all that’s needed to get your garage door in tip top shape once again. For those who have never had an automatic home garage door installed, you can typically find the best value by calling around and getting price quotes. This will add value to your home like you wouldn’t believe, and you would be surprised by how much more home buyers will pay for that handy little garage door opener.

Lighting – The right lighting can make or break the sale of your home. The right kind of lighting can make you feel at peace and actually support well being. In fact, proper indoor lighting has been known to reduce stress and fatigue. The proper lighting fixtures, both inside and outside, will help add value to your home, and will help you with that sale when the time comes!

Molding and Paint – this may seem like a small “remodeling” project, but a little paint goes a long way in adding value to your home, and you can keep costs down by doing it yourself. Whether you choose to brighten up a room, or dull it down a bit to make your home more peaceful, paint can make a run-down house, suddenly appear to be much more. Add some crown molding and watch your home come to life in a way you never thought.

It’s often wise to consult with a real estate agent and find out what will truly add value to your home in the current market where you reside.

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