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When Men Forget Holidays…

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Last week I finished packing up the Christmas items, and brought out the tote filled with Valentine’s Day items. After looking through boxes and placing each item in it’s special spot, I noticed a stack of cards at the bottom that I must have packed away at some point. It was a stack of 6 cards that were given to me by my husband for the first, second, and third Valentine’s Day that we were together.

There were no more to follow. In fact, I can’t quite remember if I’ve received a card on Valentine’s Day any year after that, saved or not, and I wonder if it’s that men truly forget holidays, or they choose to ignore them.

Truth be told, I could really care less. A holiday, is a holiday, is a holiday in our home, and although cards filled with gestures of undying love and affection are always nice to read, it doesn’t make me think that he doesn’t love me for a second. In fact, I’ve often wondered why so many women become upset when their husbands/boyfriends forget holidays or birthdays – It’s what men do, and it’s been going on for centuries!

Now sure, if they remembered to do so, a quick online search of “gifts for her” will render a number of ideas that make the process much easier for men, but I wonder how often that actually happens. I’ll take the occasional anniversary gifts that come my way, and I may even get a bit giddy over a birthday gift because my husband is certainly never short on the WOW factor, but I don’t fret when I lay my head down at night if he does forget, because I know he is just being a typical man!

Does your significant other remember your birthday? Holidays? Chime in and tell us how you feel!

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