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Why The Boating Crowd and Others Love Sperry!

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The Sperry was originally created for the boating crowd. While the Sperry Topsiders are still a great shoe to use while sailing, they have gained popularity with a larger audience. The shoes used to be available in a classic white. Now there are a variety of styles and colors to choose from. Whether the shoe is used for a purpose, or just for fashion like the Darlington Penny Loafer Pumps, there is a style available for everyone.

The Sperry Topsider was created because of the slippery surface of a boat. The Topsider was created to provide traction on the wet areas of the boat. The grooves cut into the sole made it easy to walk on the deck of the boat. Today the Sperry Topsiders are still used by boaters.

They are also a very popular trend in fashion so you can easily find deals on Sperry Topsiders. This branching out has led to the Darlington Penny Loafer Pumps. The shoe has the classic look of a boating shoe while being available in cordovan and cognac. The other twist on the classic design is the 3-1/2” inch rubber heel. This eye catching blend of loafers and pumps is made using either suede or leather.

Whether one is sailing or staying on dry land, Sperry Topsiders are a trusted name in the shoe industry. The Darlington Penny Loafer Pumps are only one example of the brands shift to fashion forward designs.


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