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Outdoor Furniture & Puppies – Do They Mix?

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Being here in Yosemite, I have learned that summer is pretty much here! We were lucky enough to come into the valley at the moment it began to snow and were in a winter wonderland for about six hours before it stopped. By morning, the snow was nearly gone, however we were thrilled that the girls were able to experience a winter wonderland while we are here.

With spring/summer now upon us, we are beginning to think about the improvements we would like to make around our home to better enjoy the summer season. Our back patio is not covered, so typically each year we purchase a patio covering and call it a day. Our back patio isn’t big enough to do much, but this year we decided it’s time to change all of that and at the very least, add a small sitting area where we can enjoy a cool drink and watch the girls play.

The Problem? The dogs eat everything!

After doing a quick online search, I came across Rattan garden furniture from Bridgman, although Bridgman is a UK company, they had some amazing information on different types of Rattan furniture and I think there are a few varieties that look to have a plastic coating that the dogs would have a hard time chewing. I suppose I could always spray the furniture, with my “no chew” spray and hope for the best, but to be very honest with you, the whole idea makes me nervous! What if we spend the money and the dogs end up destroying it anyway?

So here is my question to all of you with dogs – how did your outdoor furniture fare during the puppy phase? Did you dare put out any furniture? Or, did you skip a season and wait until they were out of the chewing stage? Weigh in!

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