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Traveling Abroad with Kids: Is It Really as Easy as they Make it Look?

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Since I was very young I have always wanted to travel abroad. Funny coming from a girl who is 30,  only visited two US states, and been out of the country once…on a cruise (does that even count?). I don’t want to just travel the world and visit the “tourist” attractions, but I want to wander off the beaten path and see what life is really like in other countries around the world.

I long to see what’s happening just outside of Rome or what really goes on inside a local bakeries in Tuscany.  I want to see roofers in nottingham and gardners in leeds working hard to make a living for their families. I want to see what life is really like for the people who live in these countries, not just what the tourists get to “see”.

I subscribe to all of the travel magazines and I enjoy reading about travels through others eyes.  I’m awe inspired by those who strap their little ones to them, hop on an airplane, and backpack around Europe.  But, I wonder if it’s really as “easy” to travel with kids as they make it out to be.

My little ones are my first priority and that means that traveling abroad takes great thought and planning. Truth be told, I haven’t even considered traveling abroad since becoming pregnant with my first daughter. But now, they are finally to an age where I think that dream could finally become a reality.  I will certainly tread lightly as I begin our journeys and cross my fingers that traveling with kids is really as easy as they make it look!

Have you traveled abroad with kids in tow?  Is really as simple as they make it out to be?


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