Baby Alive Baby Wanna Walk Doll

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The Baby Alive Baby Wanna Walk Doll is a newer addition to the Baby Alive toy family. The very cute Baby Alive dolls are all made to be realistic and do some of the things that real babies do! Little girls love to play make believe and they love pretending to be a mommy!

Baby Alive Baby Wanna Walk

Your Baby Alive Wanna Walk Doll is ready to learn to walk, but she will need some help to take her first steps. And your daughter is going to love helping her out! Your little one will love being able to walk her around the room as she moves her feet and practices taking her first steps.

The doll is recommended for ages 3 and up.

The Baby Alive Baby Wanna Walk has another great feature – she is able to say 40 different phrases. This means that interaction with the doll is even more fun! The voice is very realistic for a doll. the doll will ask to hold her hands, help her up, or let her go.

The realistic interaction is very impressive. The doll will ask to be helped at first and she will ask you to hold her hands when she walks. A little later on when she is feeling more steady she will ask you to let go of her hands so she can try on her own. Amazing what technology can do these days! If Baby Alive falls down she will ask for you to pick her up! This level of interactivity is something that your little one is going to love.

The Baby Alive Wanna Walk Doll can walk on all kinds of surface. So it doesn’t matter if you have tile, carpet or wooden floors she will walk along just fine.

Let’s not forget that this is a really cute doll as well. She is adorable and has some very cute clothes. Even hair bows to decorate her hair!

Like many toys the Baby Alive doll does need four AA batteries> It is nice that the first set of batteries is included so you won’t have to rush out to get them, or have a disappointed child when you have forgotten to get them! Battery life is reported to be good but always have some on hand just in case.

Baby Alive Baby Wanna Walk

If your daughter loves to play mommy to her dolls, this doll will allow her to have even more interaction. She can tickle her, hold her, and teach her just like she would a real baby. There are also several accessories that go with the Baby Alive dolls and you may want to add those to her collection.

Any of the Baby Alive dolls are going to be a great gift for your child who loves to play mommy. They are highly interactive and very highly rated by parents and kids. Of course there are lots of clothes and accessories that can be added if you want to add to the fun.

The Baby Alive Baby Wanna Walk Doll would make a great Holiday Gift. Your child would be so happy to find this doll under the tree on Christmas morning.

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