Mickey’s Halloween Treat

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When my daughters first Halloween arrived, we were so excited, as any new parent would be. We were looking forward to dressing her up and taking her trick or treating, even though we knew we would be the ones to eat the candy :) This was a new milestone and we were going to celebrate it with every bit of enthusiasm we celebrated her first cry, her first smile, her first word, well you get the point.

Halloween arrived and i bought a cute little, white bunny costume made by Tom Arma, the amazing baby photographer that we all know so well. OH MY! Was she cute! And then it dawned on us…. were going to be taking our precious little girl to STRANGERS homes! AHHHHHHHHHH!! NO WAY! I put my foot down and demanded we would stay home and admire her from the living room in her terribly cute, way too overpriced, costume.

At that moment it was my mission to find a safe, fun halloween for the following year and think through our “GREAT PLAN” this time! My husband and I share a love for Disneyland, in fact, this was the magical place of one of our first dates! SO, it was no surprise to me that Disneyland started something called, Mickey’s Halloween Treat!

During the entire month of October, Disney’s California Adventure hosts a Halloween extravaganza with Mickey and all of his friends. The characters are dressed up in their own halloween costumes and every peice of Disney’s California Adventure Park is dressed up with the most amazing decorations you could ever think up! There are candy corn gardens, dancing ghost and bats projected onto the sidewalk, grinning jack-o-lanterns and hidden scarecrows that will carry on a conversations with you if you happen to disturb them. There are many locations throughout the park with dj’s that play disney themed dance music, such as the Monster Mash and everyone joins in on the dance party, including the characters! There are treat stations around every corner throughout the park and Disneyland does’nt skimp on the candy. At each treat station the cast members scoop up as many candy bars and treats that their one hand can hold and they even handout little bags of carrots and sliced apples in an effort to help kids eat healthy!

There is one feature that keeps us going back year after year above and beyond how absolutely fabulous it is… only a certain number of tickets are sold per night and the park is NEVER full. Normal guests must leave before the event begins and a seperate ticket must be purchased in order to attend. It takes 1 minute tops, to go through a treat station. I love the fact that there are NO lines and you can walk right on the rides.

For the past 3 years, we have made the 2 1/2 hour drive to Disneyland to take part in Mickey’s Halloween Treat and this year was no exception! Disneyland and Mom Central graciously invited me to take part in the festivities and although my little one was sick the weekend of the blogging event, we were there the weekend prior for my daughters fourth birthday! Thankyou to Disneyland and Mom Central for your gracious invitation and we hope to be with you and my fellow Southern California bloggers next year!

You still have time left to visit Mickey’s Halloween Treat! Festivities will be continuing through November 2nd so jump on over here and grab some tickets! Nothing is more fun than a spontaneous trip to the Magic Kingdom!

I encourage you all to visit Disneyland’s California Adventure Park and take part in Mickey’s Halloween Treat! A fun time will be had by all, i promise you. We will continue to visit every year until my daughter decides that she’s “too cool” for disneyland ( i think that happens somewhere around 15, right?) :) To be honest, i don’t think that will ever happen, atleast my fingers are crossed that it won’t! I hope to keep their “inner child” alive until they are old fogies like their mom, so that they can pass the love of Disneyland on to their own children and grandchildren.

Who knows, maybe i’ll see you there!

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