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The Week Of Rockin’ Customer Service….

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…and I doubt I’ll have a week like this again! Have I been a good girl? Good Karma perhaps? I cannot answer those questions, but I can tell you one thing: I have been deluged with more rockin‘ customer service this week than I have been in a long, long, long time. It seems like just about everyone you deal with in the customer service industry, has been doing their job too long and not only hates their job, but hates you too! Just check out what happened to me this week:

Mutsy & Strollers.com – I have Mutsy’s stroller, I love their stroller, I need their stroller…so when I had a slight issue with it, I contacted my dear friend Mother Goose @ strollers.com (btw..she’s giving away a combi cosmo travel system..go enter here) who was not only more than happy to help, she did the work for me! Strollers.com contacted Mutsy and within 5 minutes I had an email from Mutsy, asking what they could do to help me! Not only did they treat me like a human being, they fixed the issue in a matter of seconds, literally…hows that for some rockin‘ customer service?

Claim Jumper Restaurant - We are in the middle of travels at the moment and I have always wanted to eat at a Claim Jumpers….so we stopped, I ordered, I didn’t like! So I sent my food back and ordered something else (I’m really not picky and it’s a rare occasion that I will actually suffer the embarrassment of sending something back), not only did they bring me a whole new meal and with a smile on their face, but 3 different managers came to my table and apologized!!! On top of that I received free desert (cheesecake with raspberry drizzle & white chocolate chips), and yes it was beyond delightful! Claim Jumpers gets and A+ in the Customer Service department and the waitress was fab!

There are times (and many at that) that we can complain about many different companies and their poor customer service, however these companies deserve a pat on the back and recognition for standing out among their peers!

Strollers.com, Mutsy, Claim Jumper…I must have been a very, very good girl in my past life ;)

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