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A Little Mishap with our San Diego trip!

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While at the Wild Animal Park, I actually uttered the words “all I want to see is a Lion”! I know now that you should never utter such words OUT LOUD…Not only did we see a lion, but he annihilated our car and I don’t have money to buy a new one! Guess I’ll watch what I say out loud next time ;(

And what is going on with this?? I think somebody got their Lego’s mixed up???

I actually spent the most time with the Gorillas…you can only imagine why! Yes they are my peeps and they are amazing creatures! Check out how close we were to them….the only thing separating me from touching them was a small piece of glass!

Yea, remember those “Mean Girls” I was telling you about? Monkeys do it too! This one decided it was time to moon me…Was this really necessary?

This little guy stood over his woman and never shut his mouth…NEVER! It was open the entire time we watched them….hmmmm remind you of a male figure that lives in your house? Ha!

Yes I’m done boring you with my silly vacation pictures now…….I’ll leave you with another picture of my now “arch enemy”! Anyone want to donate to a new car fund?

P.S. Yes I’m fully aware of what a HUGE Dork I am ;)

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