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Top 10 Travel Tips for a Distraction Free Family Vacation!

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Today I’m sharing my Top 10 tips to create a distraction free family vacation!

1. Turn off the electronic devices! (I think this is what everyone would expect from a fun filled, distraction free vacation)
2. Turn off those mommy and daddy brains…this is hard to do because we have so much to worry about, but connecting with your family on vacation is the ideal time to leave everything behind.
3. Visit a place that’s kid friendly!  If your trying to corral the kiddos and keep them quiet so that you don’t disturb others, this is going to put a big damper on the distraction factor, not to mention stress mom and dad out.
4. Reconnect with old mother nature.  Large resorts can be filled with noisy electronics and other noisy gadgets that make reconnecting with your family difficult.  Think Green for a quiet, focused vacation.
5. Leave the books at home!  Yes, we know you mama’s like to read, but the kids are going to want to soak up the sights and will be tugging at your leg for some one on one bonding, so leave those books at home!
6. Leave the updates to grandma and grandpa out of the equation!  Need I say more?
7. Set your budget and stick to it.  There’s nothing worse that worrying about money when your trying to have a good time.  So set your budget and stick to it!
8. Have a private picnic at meal time.  Noisy restaurants don’t really allow for a distraction-free vacation.  I know I find myself watching everyone around me and not focusing on those right in front of me!
9. Make sure the housework is done before you go.  There’s nothing worse than thinking about all of the work you have to do arouond the house when you get home.  Ensure that the laundries done, dishing are put away and the floors are clean, so that when you arrive home you can relax!
10. Make a checklist.  Sure you can purchase an item or two if you forget them, but that’s going to hamper your budget and take away from your time.  Not to mention you worry the entire time.  So make a checklist and check that baby off before you leave the house!

There you have it, my top 10 tips for creating a distraction-free vacation!  Some of these may be hard to do, but if you literally unplug from everything, you’ll be able to reconnect with your family and enjoy a worry free vacation!

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